Oregano, Garlic and Onion Powder Bark

Oregano, Garlic and Onion Powder Bark

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Perfect for cheese boards or as a lunch box snack, this Gluten Free Flatbread is so delicious and versatile you will want it as a pantry staple. This is our best seller by far!!


  • Tapioca Flour, Besan Flour, Rice Flour, Almond Meal, Polenta, Salt, Butter, Psyllium Husk, Onion, Garlic, Oregano

Shelf Life

  • 3 months in current heat sealed packaging
  • 5 days in airtight container after opening
  • Need to be kept at room temperature

Country of Origin

  • Made in Bondi Junction with 61% of ingredients locally grown in Australia


  • Contains Nuts (Almond Meal), Corn products (Polenta) & Dairy (Butter)
  • DOES NOT contain gluten, or soy.

Made in a completely gluten free shared facility. Because it is shared we cannot guarantee traces of allergens are not present. 

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