Triple Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies

Triple Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies

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These cookies are a decadent gluten free treat filled with Australian chocolate. Sandra, Hudson’s Bakery’s owner has been making these for her family for the last decade or so. It’s so great to be able to share them with you. Your biggest challenge is going to be only eating one. 


  • Dark chocolate, Tapioca Flour, Besan Flour, Almond Meal, Xanthan gum, Cocoa, Bicarb Soda, Salt, Butter, Brown sugar, White sugar, Vanilla extract, Egg, Choc chips

Shelf Life

  • 3 months in current heat-sealed packaging
  • 7 days in airtight container after opening
  • For best results refrigerate.


  • Contains Nuts (Almond Meal), Corn products (Polenta) & Dairy (Butter)
  • DOES NOT contain gluten, or soy.

Made in a shared facility and therefore traces of allergens may be present. 

Country of Origin

  • Made in Banksmeadow with 68% of ingredients locally grown in Australia

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